The Shocking Surprise About What Fantasy Football Actually Is
I have friends who celebrated part of Labor Day by holding their fantasy football draft".  These friends are grown men, fathers, GRANDFATHERS, some of them!
And they chose to spend part of a holiday picking imaginary teams for an imaginary football league.
Here are some actual photos of this nons…
The United States’ Real First Thanksgiving was in El Paso?
On April 30th, 1598, Don Juan De Onate, with 500 colonists and 7000 head of livestock arrived on the banks of the Rio Grande in the San Elizario area. They broke out a feast of fish, fowl and deer. This day is considered to be the very first (WHAT) in present day United States?
Try our Hurricane Drinking Game To Make Horrible Weather Fun
Summer is one of our favorite times to booze. There’s nothing like cracking open a beer on the beach, or sipping on a whiskey on the back porch in a T-shirt and shorts. Though our favorite season is beginning to wane, east coasters are still smack in the middle of hurricane season, which runs …

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