That One Time I Met Alice Cooper!
With the excitement of Alice Cooper bringing his theatrical show to this years El Paso Downtown Street Festival, I found it only fitting to share with you all the one time I met the man himself!
The year was 2007 and I was living in Houston with not much in my life really opening any doors to somethi…
The Day I Was Introduced To Soundgarden!
It's not my fault but when I like something or someone I tend to over do it. That goes with just about everything I've sunk my teeth into! The year was 1991, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Back then is when it was an exciting time to be into rock. The...
How Old Were You When You Discovered Rock N’ Roll?
I was five years old when I discovered rock n roll, and that memory has never left me. Everybody has a first time for everything but this obsession has become a career, my favorite so far!
The power music has is one of the most insane feelings you could ever open yourself up to spiritually...

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