Balloonfest 2012 kicked off perfectly on Saturday, with Buckcherry headlining the Budweiser concert stage. The band took the stage after Dead Sara, who had the crowd completely energized after closing with their song 'Weatherman.'

Buckcherry only built on the energy Dead Sara built and the crowd was totally into it, joining in singing along with their hits, including 'Crazy Bitch' and 'Wherever I Go,' which was featured in "The Avengers." "Crazy Bitch," of course got the crowd really going, and a lot of people had a good laugh with Josh’s explanation of what makes a girl a “Crazy Bitch” and what doesn’t.

The band got the crowd involved, having them sing 'Happy Birthday' to their truck driver, who was turning 50. The band even had a cake brought on stage for the driver. What better place to celebrate a monumental birthday than Balloonfest? Check out video and pictures from Buckcherry's Balloonfest 2012 performance below!

Buckcherry "All Night Long"

Buckcherry Photo Gallery: