Are you ... or someone you know ... into (or participating in) BICYCLE moto-cross??

BMX is always fun to watch and these days ... with the newer bikes, technologies and stunts ... it's more exciting than it's ever been!!

See for yourself Saturday (4/14/12) at Desert Downs BMX Racetrack.  On Railroad, near Marie Tobin Park.  Rolling Thunder are doing a run to benefit the Trans Mountain Optimist club, and Desert Downs is where it ends! 

Catch BMX freestyle demonstrations, check out the chili cook-off, demo track rides ... you maight even win a new BMX bike!!

If you were ever into BMX as a kid in El Paso, THIS is the track you went to! (and/or raced on!!  Lord knows I spent some Saturday evenings there! Won some/lost some, "donated" some blood, broke a finger or two and had a BLAST! 

Let's make sure it stays around for our kids .. and grandkids .. to!!

Registration for this benefit run is at Barnett Harley Davidson, beginning at 10am Saturday morning!  (4/14/12)

For more info, call Bryan at 345 - 0406!