Scott’s on vacation today and I can’t let the fine people of El Paso go without chi-chis, so we’re putting together  another “best of chi-chis” poll. After all, what’s better than having a bunch of chi-chis in one place at the same time?

We got really lucky with the photos this week. I can judge how happy our fans will be by the number of little Ronson faces I have to strategically place over “problem areas.” It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

 #1. It’s “nippy” outside

It’s "Nippy" Outside

#2. Cheetah, Cheetah Chi-Chi Eater

Cheetah Cheetah chi-chi eater

 #3 Double D-'licious

Double D-‘licious

 #4. Striped Surprised

Striped Surprise

Wondering why there’s only four photos? Sadly, sometimes Scott doesn’t get enough photos for each day of the week. Devastating, I know. So if you’re a REAL fan of the chi-chis of the day, send yours in using the form at the very bottom of the post! Unless you’re a guy, then send in your lady’s chi-chis. Seriously, no moobs, okay?

Cast your vote. Remember, you can vote EVERY DAY!

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