Christmas movies take over television networks as soon as December 1st comes around. Most people have a favorite classic Christmas movie they watch every year, so what could make it better? Batman, of course!

Just imagine sitting down watching Love Actually because Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead is in it, and just when the movie gets to his famous poster board scene, he is replaced with Batman! Would you be furious or start laughing?

Well this YouTube video shows you a few examples of classics scenes acted out by Batman and Bane.Whoever is playing Batman throughout this video is good at playing a jerk version of Bruce Wayne. He really creeps me out, especially the part where he speaks to a deaf little girl about sexual gestures!

Even though he is creepy, Batman is too funny but I wouldn't mind if Bane decided to destroy him. Check out Batman and Bane's acting skills in multiple Christmas classics. What scene is your favorite?