Day 1 of Balloonfest 2012 kicked off perfectly with the balloon launch at Santa Teresa Country Club at 6 a.m. and everything went perfectly, with all the balloons taking flight. Check out that gallery here. Then we moved the party to Wet N Wild to begin the rides, and of course, the concerts!

Thousands of people came out to Wet N Wild for Day 1, and splashed in the water, grilled some fantastic-smelling food (I wanted to steal) and rocked with all the bands on the Budweiser stage.

The local bands were all great, with Something Wicked kicking off the day, then Low Luster League, Hillside Gamblers, A Beautiful Mourning, Texas Roadkill and Cantina Flys getting everyone warmed up and ready for the headliners, Dead Sara and Buckcherry!

Dead Sara came out and tore up the stage, with a on of energy, and really great songs! The crowd really had a blast with them, and I know they made a lot of new fans. After their set, they wandered around the park, taking pictures with people and meeting as people as they could. Great people, and fantastic band.

Buckcherry hit the stage next, and took the energy even higher! The band sounded great, the crowd was totally into it, and they got everyone involved in singing along with their hits. A lot of people had a good laugh with Josh's explanation of what makes a girl a "Crazy Bitch", and what doesn't.

Day 1 is it's time for Day 2, with more great local rock, and P.O.D.!