A suspected shoplifter who was filmed getting his azz whooped is now suing 7-11.

A 30 year old man named David Golson allegedly stole a Snickers candy bar.  Two employees were on to him though ... and then all over him.  Golson was beaten, stripped and at one point even bitten by the 7-11 employees as they attempted to .... I guess ... search him.


According to an article at yahoo.com, Golson was ultimately charged with robbery, assault, criminal mischief and criminal possession of stolen property.  Seriously?  For stealing a Snickers bar? You'd think a simple shoplifting charge would cover this one.

Anyway, Golson is now suing 7-11 for "emotional distress".  He also claims the fact that the video hit youtube has "exacerbated his mental stress and well being."  Aw, pobrecito. (extra emphasis on the "E" part!)

(Careful, language is NSFW!!)

It's those super sexy Snickers commercials I tell 'ya!

That's got to be it.

They'll make you do just about anything to get a Snickers!