One of Buzz's favorite actors, Danny Houston was on the KLAQ Morning Show today to talk about the dvd release of his show "Magic City." The dvd comes out tomorrow, during the interview we learned some interesting things about Danny Houston.

He never planned on becoming an actor:

"I always wanted to be a director like my father John Houston.  I directed my first movie Mr North, and then I couldn't get another project to direct.  A couple of years past and a friend of mine put me in a movie in a bit part and the next thing you know I started getting a bunch of roles."

Why he thinks that shows on pay T.V. are better than regular T.V.:

"Cable shows are better because its kind of like a novel, you can expand the characters better, there's not as much pressure as in movies."

As mentioned earlier, Danny's father is legendary director John Houston.  Danny told a great story about his father and Humphrey Bogart while they were on a movie set.  The best part of it is that Danny drops an expletive.

Needless to say this clip is NSFW:

You can listen to interview in its entirety here: