Because tonight is the Grand Opening of KLAQ's Mansion of 3-D, I figure the best way to celebrate it is to offer you what is probably my favorite haunted house movie of all time! I went to see this movie based on the poster, I hadn't seen any trailers for it at all. I was expecting a science fiction story with Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne, but what I got was an intense, amazing horror movie!

This movie even starts out like a typical science fiction film, with a crew coming together on a mission to recover a lost spaceship that has been missing for seven years. The Event Horizon was built for faster-than-light travel, using quantum mechanics to fold space to instantly travel from point to point in the universe. My inner geek was ready to go! Then, they get this recording of some crazy violence and madness with the message "Save us!" and things begin to go south quickly. Where the ship went, and what the message really are turn out to be super creepy and more than worth the price of admission. Definitely watch this movie.