Gabriel Byrne is always good. It pretty much doesn't matter what he's doing, whether it's his role in The Usual Suspects, playing the Devil in End of Days or playing the priest with problems in Stigmata. This is a film that gets overlooked by people for whatever reason, but it's got some good creep to it. Check it out.

Stigmata (1999)

At the beginning of the movie, an old priest dies and a statue begins to weep human blood. Gabriel Byrne investigates and the church covers things up, and sending Byrne to cool his heels doing boring crap. Until they get a letter about this girl, Patricia Arquette, who's having issues of her own, and receiving the stigmata wounds. What the heck is going on? Evil priests, led by Jonathan Price, are trying to cover things up and hide what Byrne and Arquette are learning.