Buzz got three packages in the mail, none of which he distinctly remembers ordering. Well, that's the whole point (a complete explanation of "ZBay" is in the theme song intro in the video, below).

This week, Buzz's odd flirtation with the idea of getting tattooed continues; a hundred-plus year old antique that really has the Mosho scratching their heads; AND, what's this? Could it be? A ZBay purchase with an actual practical use??

Oh, also Buzz demonstrates how to play the Otamatone, the weird little musical instrument that looks like a cross between musical note and an anthropomorphic sperm. It's actually National Uncommon Musical Instrument Day today (totally NOT a made up thing!). Buzz has expressed interest in getting either a theremin or a didgeridoo in time for NEXT Uncommon Musical Instrument Day. But for this year, we have to settle for a version of "Smoke on the Water" on a smiling, creepy looking spermatozoa. Enjoy!


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