There is an El Paso mom who can claim bragging rights about ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons coming to her birthday celebration. We all know little girls usually have a special bond with their dads and sons with their moms.

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There is one strong bond between a mother and son and it definitely shows. Matt Salgado who you know either from past KLAQ haunted houses years back as scary Uncle Jack-O.

While others prefer to remember him as the friendly clown Butenz instead who is a noble of El Maida Shrine. Regardless of how you know him as he is that son who went above and beyond for his mom.

But it certainly is clear to us how much Cecilia Salgado did for her son for him to go big for her birthday. Matt Salgado has a ton of moms wishing for a son like him after his big surprise.

Matt Salgado thought it would be a good idea to have ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons sing his mom happy birthday. Well, he successfully accomplished that mission and gave his mom the best gift ever.

As you can see from Matt Salgado's video you can see Billy Gibbons standing beside the dolled-up Cecilia Salgado. Honestly, I would prefer Chino Moreno to sing me happy birthday over diamonds any day.

But as Matty's friend, I know how much his mom and his late grandma mean to him since he loves talking about them. But Cecilia Salgado is one hell of a lucky mom in El Paso who had Billy Gibbons sing to her on her special day. Happy birthday Cecilia Salgado!

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