Cat videos can be pretty adorable, but when it comes to the wild big cat videos those are usually a little more brutal. This graphic video might be a little too intense for some viewers, so don't watch it around easily freaked out people or while you're having lunch.

A safari guide, Taxon Nkuna, of the Djuma Private Game Reserve in Vuyatela, South Africa, caught his magical moment during his morning patrol. A leopard stumbled about a dead zebra, who they believe died of natural causes. What seemed like an easy breakfast for the leopard turned out to have a messy surprise waiting for the hungry cat.

After a few nibbles into the zebra stomach, its guts burst open, creating a blood fountain. The leopard runs away in shock as it tries to process what just happen. If I learned anything from my cats it's that water or blood up the nose is one of their worst enemies. Of course, once they get over the shock of fluid they continue to eat, so I bet this leopard went back to fill up it's belly. Hopefully, that one doesn't burst too.

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