As if "Zakk" is a name you hear all the time, he’s decided to give his kid an equally unique name. 

The newest Wylde better have a GOOD dose of his old mans talent if he's going to live up to his name.  Of course, if he's only a tenth of his Pops talent he's going to be better than most of us!

Are you ready?  The kids name is Sabbath Page Wylde.  Another Wylde-ito is named “Hendrix!"

I have a friend who named his son Vedder because he, my friend, loves Pearl Jam.  Another good bro of mine named his son Austin because he's a monster Stevie Ray fan.  My oldest daughters middle name is Michelle, my nieces as well, thanks to the Beatle obsession my brother and I share!

If I ever have a son it's a toss up between Wyatt and Jesse since I'm also an old west history lover.  Wyatt was also Peter Fondas characters name in Easy Rider though it's only used once in the movie.

How about you guys here in El Paso and elsewhere, what is the weirdest name you or your friends have come up with?  What's the weirdest story behind you or your friends kids name?  Or your own for that matter . Share 'em on the Q facebook page!!