El Paso loves tacos; just ask anyone who goes to Chico's or Tacos Chinampa. El Paso loves chocolate too; you can see some great places for chocolate here. There's also a restaurant where you can get... very special dishes involving bugs and sweets called Bug Vivant on N Virginia Street.

But there's another place you can actually bugs & chocolate together. And it's at a taco shop.

Eating Bugs is not that uncommon

People who have a Mexican background know that it's not uncommon to cook or eat insects. It's very common to see incorporate crickets, grasshopper, ants or stink bugs in their dishes.

Where are the "chocobugs"?

The local restaurant is simply called "The Taco Shop" specializing in making traditional Mexican dishes including tacos & menudo. But one of their most liked posts on Instagram was posted on February 22nd on 2023: this one of some delicious chocolates.

But there's something else included...

If you look closely you can see something else inside the chocolate. A little exotic flavor so to speak. Here's the same post on Facebook about their "Chocolate Exótico"

If you can't read Spanish, the dishes are roughly translated as: chocolate ants & chocolate grasshopper. Currently The Taco Shop is the only place the sells both Mexican food & chocolate with the bugs included. (Who knows? Maybe this will start a trend of more restaurants creating bug dishes). Or maybe this will inspire more places to do chocolate covered critters like this:

Now personally I'm not one for eating bugs but if you're curious on trying something new, you can try them for yourself at 1920 N Zaragoza Suite 114.

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