You just can't be too sure these days about what's true on the Internet. I kept seeing people posting online about texting 'USPS' to 50409 to support the United State Postal Service. At first glance this seems rather bogus. So I looked into it. Well, it's not. It's legit, but it's also not as simple as you'd think.

All you have to do is head on over Snopes and it's right on the front page. At least it is while I'm typing this. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE. Here is the steps of what happens.

  1. Send the text 'USPS' to 50409. This goes to 'Resistbot'.
  2. You get an automatic reply that asks if you want to electronically sign the 'Support the USPS' letter and send that it to your political representative.
  3. You reply with 'SAMPLE' if you want to move forward with this. If you do, you get a reply with a link to a screen shot of the letter and a text asking 'Do you want to sign?'
  4. After you respond with 'yes', you get a message asking for your name and address.
  5. The bot then uses that information to find your representative and sends a copy of the letter through email to your representative.

Snopes says that overall the process takes about 5 minutes. Here is some more information about Resistbot pulled directly from the Snopes website.

According to the Resistbot website, the bot is a “product of the Resistbot Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization” with an address in Florida. The group’s Executive Director Jason Putorti sent Snopes a copy of the Resistbot Action Fund’s certificate of incorporation, showing that it was registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Delaware in February 2018.


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