On the Buzz Adams Morning Show on Wednesday the crew gets a chance to talk to actor David Duchovny.

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I wish I could tell you that Duchovny will be announcing a return of The X-Files, either in its episodic format or as the third motion picture in the cinematic Muller-verse.

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Sadly, that won’t be part of the interview. Not that it won’t ever happen.  Fox (the network, not the Muller) brought the show back as a limited series in 2016 and again in 2018. Gillian Anderson has firmly declared that she won’t be doing any more X-Files seasons so if another revival does happen it will most likely be without Dana Scully.  Dedicated fans might remember that one season toward the end of the original series where neither Duchovny nor Anderson appeared so…they might still do it without Scully.

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The real reason for a big star like David Duchovny chatting on a low-rent, second-rate show like the BAMS is that he’s promoting his album. Yep, David Duchovny also does music. He’s put out three studio albums already. His most recent, “Gestureland” is available to stream on Spotify, Napster, etc. If you’re REALLY a fan you can pick up a vinyl copy at www.davidduchovnymerch.com.

Some of the other topics for discussion include favorite episodes, favorite guest stars, being a sex symbol AND a sex addict at the same time, and the possibility of making actual contact with intelligent aliens in our lifetimes.

So, tune in tomorrow to catch up with David Duchovny and hear what his music is like.

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