I am sooooo serious when I say that it's very possible. I'm also serious when I say that if you happen to stumble across any whale barf at the beach CALL ME! We are going to PARTY!

Todays WTF is brought to you by Mother Nature and mankinds ability to find a profit in practically anything!

So a kid out wandering the beach chances across some whale vomit. His Mom (fortunately) doesn't go into freak out Mom mode and start yelling "TIMMY...PUT THAT DOWN THIS INSTANT YOUNG MAN"; she lets him keep it.  Good thing, because now he's looking at a $63k payday!

Another guy found a bigger (up) chunk in '06 and got $300k!

YTF would the ladies be wearing it?  Well; it seems that semi - digested seal, while rare, is awesome for keeping perfume smelling it's best and for longer!  (Guys be VERY careful how you compliment your girl on her new scent from this point on.)

The kid plans to use the money to build a home for animals.

I'd use it to buy a couple of whales and some ipecac!

Of course the odds of me finding any in the El Paso desert are a tad slim.  Anybody know what lizard puke goes for?


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