This week in ‘terrible ideas that probably even seemed terrible at the time’ takes us to the Sunshine State,  where this stone cold dingbat dialed up 911 to report an emergency. What was the emergency? She was “full.”

Tipsy-at-the-time, 45-year-old Mary Ellen Lisee, used the State’s tax dollars and our nation’s first responders to report she ate too much food.  Have you not heard of Tums and rolling around in pain like the rest of us? When the cops arrived at her motel room, they met Mary Ellen’s boyfriend, who had left her earlier in the day because Mary Ellen was “talking too much.” Shocking.

In a statement Mary Ellen was asked to prepare, she stated…

“My name is Mary Ellen Lisee. I have beaten, I believe in God, and he forgives me. I may joke, but I do not do crack. I will not for as long as I live.”

She may not crack, but she does bloat. She looks like she farts a lot too.


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