A shocking video made its way to FitFam of a woman attempting to steal a vehicle during a test drive at a west El Paso car dealership. I have to hand it to the person running FitFamElPaso. The Instagram page has over 139,000 followers and the posts on the account's page and story vary from feel good moments from around the city, business promotions, lost animals, and the ever popular ratchet El Paso bar moments. Lately, the page has been doing some great work helping catch criminals, but also letting El Pasoans know about some of the crazy moments caught on tape.

The latest moment FitFam brought to us happened on the west side of El Paso, at Rudolph Chevrolet off I-10 and Redd Road. According to the Instagram post, a woman came in and took a red Toyota Prius for a test drive. Allegedly at some point during their test drive, she attempted to steal the vehicle and take it on the freeway. Unfortunately for the car salesman, he was still in the vehicle for the harrowing attempt. The Rudolph salesman was able to fight the woman for the steering wheel and force the vehicle up on to the curb. Once the woman realized she wasn't going to be able to escape, she exited the vehicle and proceeded to throw things at the salesman and his coworkers who ran over to assist. Sadly, we didn't get to see what happened after this video was taken, but I assume the Rudolph staff called the police. I'm also going to assume she didn't buy the vehicle after the interrupted test drive. Watch the entire video below.

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