You know that prank when you tell someone you killed a person, so you need help hiding the body? Haven't tried it? Well don't. You could end up like this woman and be arrested for a lame April Fools' Joke.

A woman from Kingsport thought it would be hilarious to prank her family member by calling to tell her, she had just murdered her husband. The certain family member didn't realize it was April Fools' Day, and probably didn't find it funny, so they called the cops.

The police showed up to the woman's house and handcuffed her. The cops expecting to find a horrible murder scene, but just found the woman in her house and her husband alive.

I have a feeling that the next family gathering between this group of people is going to be extremely awkward. A very unoriginal idea for a April Fools' Prank is never worth going to jail.