Most NFL Quarterbacks live with the knowledge that, no matter how great they were before, all their fans care about is , in the words of Janet Jackson "what have you done for me LATELY".

Tony Romo is the opposite of that. No matter how many times he comes up injured, no matter how many interceptions he throws at the most key moment of the season, Tony Romo's fans still love him.

Why, it's not for all those Superbowls he's won in the past (0) or all those playoff victories he's orchestrated (2). But through it all, Tony Romo has remained more than loved. He's adored. He's venerated. Much more so, I would argue, than Troy Aikman at this point at his career despite rewarded Cowboys fans with 3 out of 4 Superbowl wins.

NFL fans can turn quickly on a QB that has been a consistent winner and then has a disappointing season. It can happen that quickly. Just ask Donovan McNabb.

Of course, those were Philadelphia fans and they're monsters. Still, I've never understood why Cowboys fans love Romo so much. I'll grant, when he was healthy Romo was a better than average NFL quarterback. He also seems like a really nice guy. He once took a homeless guy to see a movie. Donovan McNabb took the Eagles to four consecutive division championships, five NFC championship games and one Super Bowl.

Comedian and Cowboy fan Raymond Orta has put out another video illustrating the love/love relationship fans have with Romo. We pick up the (re)action when Tony went down awkwardly against the Seahawks last Thursday...