Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

This could almost be a WTF Wednesday post.  That's what you'll be thinking after you read it!!

Right now it is BEAUTIFUL in El Paso.  Bright, clear skies ... 51 degrees ... calm (if any) wind.  Ya' gotta LOVE winter in the desert!

You won't believe what's coming though ...

A storm front is moving this way and later tonight and tomorrow, we're finally going to see some "non-desert" winter.  Lows in the low 20's and up to 6 inches of snow tomorrow and Friday.


According to a storm advisory from the National Weather Service;

A developing winter storm system is on approach for the borderland region for Thursday.  "This system will track east along the international border today and tonight, arriving in the area early Thursday."

The front will arrive from the Northeast before the storm and any precipitation will be in the form of snow".

For the weekend of course it clears up, we go back to normal and it'll be like nothing ever happened.  :(

Tomorrow and Friday though are gonna ROCK!!

Be sure and get things prepared for this ok?   Bring in pets and plants tonight, plan on weird driving conditions tomorrow and Friday and be sure your vehicle is ready also! Good wipers, tires, etc .... and check your antifreeze!!

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