Make that closes El Paso!!  Lot's of things are shutting down...

Teresa Provencio posted a bunch of these earlier but as the day goes on and things change, I'll keep re-posting the info!!

EPISD, fortunately, was still on the Christmas break.

The following roads are closed:

Trans Mountain, Scenic Drive, the exit from I-10 east to US-54 Northbound, US-54 North @ Bridge of the Americas, Joe Battle south @ Edgemere and Highway 404. (The Anthony Gap)

Theses places are also closed:

The El Paso Zoo, (who the hell would go to the zoo today anyway??), Cathedral High School, Project Bravo Agencies, El Paso Municipal Court sessions are off today and tomorrow between 7:00 - 8:30.

The KLAQ offices will close today at noon.

Winter storm warnings are in effect for West Texas and our forecast here in the Borderland calls for more snow today and tonight!

That's it for now, but keep checking back here at as I'll be posting updates throughout the day!!

Be safe, stay warm and keep rockin'!!