According to news reports, actor Wilmer Valderrama will be in the Sun City tomorrow for a meet and greet on Fort Bliss.

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Fans of "That 70's Show" will want to pay close attention to social media on Friday. According to KFOX News and CBS4 News, actor Wilmer Valderrama will be in El Paso on Friday for a meet and greet. Wilmer Valderrama will be at Freedom Crossing market Place inside Fort Bliss this Friday, July 9th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Wilmer Valderrama is best known for his role as Fez in the sitcom "That 70's Show." "That 70's Show" ran on the Fox network from 1998 to 2006. The show was the Fox network's second-longest-running live-action sitcom.

Wilmer Valderrama was also the host of the MTV series "Yo Momma..." and was the voice of Manny on the children's show "Handy Manny." Valderrama has also had roles on "Grey's Anatomy," "The Ranch," and is currently starring in the show "NCIS."

Valderrama has also been in movies including "Beauty Shop," "Party Monster," "Fast Food Nation," and more. Outside of his acting roles, Valderrama is also an activist who is involved with several philanthropic efforts. Valderrama is on the board for Voto Latino, which helps get people in the Latino community to get registered to vote and become more active in politics. He's also a spokesperson for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the founder of their Ready 2 Lead program aimed at empowering Latino youth. Valderrama is also a founding member of Harness which helps to connect communities to "inspire action and power change."

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