Here's the set-up: we're postponing our publicity photo shoot because Fernie said he felt "too fat".  At the time he said if we just gave him two weeks he would drop 20 lbs. and would feel comfortable taking photos. I told him 20 lbs. in two weeks was an insane goal so he modified it to 14.

14 lbs. in 14 days.

For fun, we turned it into a bet. If Fernie doesn't lose at least 14 lbs. in 14 days, he has to wear a thong for the photo shoot. Specifically, kind of like Party Boy from Jackass.

But, if Fernie does lose all the weight Buzz has to wear the thong.

As of today (Friday, March 26 2016) Fernie has lost almost seven pound. That's pretty good but he's off the pace. To win, Fernie has to lose a little over seven pounds in four days. It doesn't bode well that the following video was filmed at a Mexican restaurant and Fernie is eating a delicious machaca burrito.

To recap ( I know some of you don't like to watch videos) Buzz makes the following offer to Fernie: "If you lose, you have to pay back all the money (about $400) that you've borrowed in the past three months. If you win, not only will I forgive your debt, I will also give you an extra $400!"

Buzz is basically gambling HIS OWN MONEY! And Fernie turns it down!!

Then he started scarfing down chips and queso.