Today Apple held a keynote to announce the release of the iPhone 5, making the i Phone 4s just another i Pod.  The phone will begin shipping on September 21 and from what the guy at the AT&T store told me, you can place your order starting this Friday. And for my fellow Apple geeks iOS6 software upgrade will be available on September 19. 

Here are the highlights of the new phone:

SCREEN: The screen will have a 4-inch display (the iPhone 4s had a 3.5-inch screen).

4G LTE: The iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks.

UPGRADES: The phone will have another speaker (bringing the total to three). It has a new connector and dock. The phone will have improved battery life (8 hours of 3G talk time and 8 hours of LTE browsing) and it has some new sweet headphones.

Also, watching movies on the iPhone 5 will be a better experience, the front camera has been upgraded, you can take panoramic pictures and Siri will be able to do more. For example, you'll be able to get games scores just by asking her. Of course it depends on what mood she is in because she always doesn't want to play with me.

Ok I'm rambling on. Let's get to the point.


I hate Apple because every year they come out with a new iPhone or iPad and tell you why your old one sucks! Yet, when you bought it last was the best thing they've ever done.  I can't wait til next year when apple releases the iPhone 6 and they tell us how the iPhone 5 is a piece of S#%T!

I also hate apple because when you buy the phone, you're gonna have to buy a new case, screen protector, car everything!

I also hate Apple because here in El Paso, we don't even get a 4G network, yet they expect me to be impressed by the new LTE network....NOT A SELLING POINT FOR ME!

The screen being bigger is cool, but they've made it lighter and as slick as the phone feels in your hands, it's easier to drop and break. How bout if with every iPhone 5 you buy, Apple throws in a free otter case, that way you feel nice and safe about dropping your phone.

Have I mentioned the price? The phone starts at $199, but I'm sure that's for the 8gig version. The 64 gig will probably be $500.  So let's break it down: new phone $500, new screen protector $30, new case $50 and new car adapter $50.  By my calculations, that's $630! Do you know how many lap dances I can get for that amount of money? A lot!

But most of all, I hate Apple because I'll be waiting in line just like my fellow Apple freaks because I can't function without the latest Apple product the way, I wrote this blog using my Mac computer and saw the iPhone 5 presentation video on my iPad.

Check out the trailer below