It's always cool to see our beautiful Southwest on the big screen but, there are other things that make it nice.  Like money...

The latest Clint Eastwood movie was partially filmed in and around Las Cruces. Beyond the fact that it's cool to see your city in a movie, it also means money for the cities used as film settings.  For example, here's how Las Cruces made out for being used in "The Mule".

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the Motion Picture Association of America reported that:

"The Mule" generated more than $11 million in economic activity for New Mexico and Georgia, the two primary filming locations.

More than 80 New Mexico workers took home wages totaling $400,000, the MPAA reported. Approximately 200 residents had roles as background talent. - LC Sun News

The news story added that "the production also spent money — $1.3 million in New Mexico."  Cold, hard cash ... another reason why being in the movies rocks!!

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