On Thanksgiving of 1995, my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle (and basically anyone 21 or over) took a trip to Las Vegas. At that point, I was six years old. Because the adults decided to party it up in Vegas for Thanksgiving, I was left in the care of my older sister, who was 16 at the time. My parents left right after Thanksgiving dinner and because it would just be my sister and I at our house, they thought it was a better idea to have us stay at my aunts house with our cousin, so we wouldn't be alone.

The holiday weekend consisted of video games, pizza and water beds (remember those?!). Because my cousin was a boy and my sister was 16, nobody wanted to play Barbie's with me, so instead, we watched movies before bed. One of those movies was "Batman Forever." At the time, I didn't really get what was going on, I just knew Batman was cool, Two-Face scared me and the Riddler was totally Ace Ventura. The one thing that stood out to me were the end credits, where, for the first time in my six years of existence, I heard "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal. That song was BOMB!

Thanksgiving weekend '95 is a memory that lives rent free in my mind. In the past ten years, my cousin, my sister and I make it a point to put "Batman Forever" on the TV in the background while we have Thanksgiving dinner. We usually laugh and reminisce about that weekend, while teasing our parents for abandoning us! This year will look a little different, though. My cousin won't be coming over as usual and while that saddens me, our tradition will continue. We'll have our Thanksgiving dinners separately, but you can bet that "Batman Forever" will be playing on our TV's.

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