Alce in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is an amazing musician but, he made one album that he isn't happy with.

Back in '02, Jerry Cantrell made a solo album called Degradation Trip. I thought, and still think, that it was great. Jerry himself, well, notsomuch...

“I was just really fucked up back then to be honest with you, and you can totally hear it on that record,” the Alice in Chains guitarist told Billboard in a new interview. “It was done right before I got sober, and it was also done right when I was dealing with the death of my band, and then the unhappy coincidence of Layne [Staley] passing awayright after I released that record. So it was not a good time in my life, and it totally comes across on that record.” - Diffuser

Hear some songs that he and the rest of Alice In Chains ... as well as all the rest of us ... are totally happy with Tuesday, (9/4/18), at the Abraham Chavez Theater   A (very) few tickets are still on sale via Ticketmaster. The new Alice In Chains album, Rainier Fog, was released last week. Order it here.

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