It's always cool to hear your hometown being mentioned in a song especially from your favorite and talented musicians! Below are four musicians that sing about our Sun City or have a song titled with our city name. Now out of the four below, which is your favorite that helps make El Paso known? Be sure to take the poll below on who your favorite is that mentions our city we know and love!

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    Taking Back Sunday - El Paso

    El Paso has a lot of love for this rock band that visits every now and then. We love their music and especially love this particular song. It may be the name but either way they spent time at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso while writing for their album. They showed us some love by name a song after our city.

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    Marty Robbins - El Paso

    EVERYONE enjoys singing along to this oldie that represents our home town! Mr. Robbins wrote this melody as he traveled through El Paso to head over to Arizona. It's a hell of a saga that involves drama, violence and romance.

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    Double R Gutta Kings - Chuco Streets

    This group tours around singing this song that represents El Paso's different ethnic styles. They mention the Chicano style of low riders and oldies. They continue to write songs about the tip of Texas making us known to others around.

  • Chris Polk/AMA2017
    Chris Polk/AMA2017

    Khalid - American Teen

    Now this recent rising star makes it a point to mention our sun city every time he has a chance! Khalid definitely put us on the map and sure made El Paso proud. This song he bragged about the girls being pretty and his American dream.

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