I remember the good old days after partying discussing where to grab a bite to eat. Sometimes my friends and I would have the hardest time because of what we were in the mood for. When you spend more than you planned on drinking usually lands you and your friends grubbing at home. But the times you don't really spend that much money while partying will send you to grub after a night out. Now my friends would either go all the way to Chico's Tacos or just hit up McDonald's. When I would go out with my dude friends they would either want to eat at Taco Cabana or Lucky Cafe. There is a list of places below that are open really late to help settle your cravings after a night of drinking. So where do you like to enjoy a delicious meal after sipping on some adult beverages? Pick your favorite hot spot that you like to fill up your tummy up with by placing your vote down below!

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