Usually, the holidays tend to bring family and friends together to catch up and reminisce. I remember some of those times some relatives and friends getting too tipsy at our holiday gatherings. There are a couple of holidays that some people drink from morning to late night. Those holidays, in my opinion, would be Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. As for Thanksgiving, I remember the days a couple of my uncles would start drinking at 8:30 am as we wait to see the parade. Then after leaving, they would continue the shenanigans during the Thanksgiving feast. Another holiday El Pasoan's are known for getting tanked on is New Year's Eve. On New Year's Eve is when we would have the Hyundai Sun Bowl which also involved drinking way before 5 o' clock. Then after the game, there would be more drinking as we wait to enter a new year ahead. Of course, there are other holidays some people also get tanked on Christmas and especially Valentine's Day. Pick the holiday you're known for getting plastered on down below!

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