I am very proud to say I was a band geek ... and no I did not play the flute. (I played the trumpet.)

When we were in High School we always wanted to be popular and sometimes even wanted some to envy us. Me, personally, I was a band geek for my freshman year but switched schools for a bit and became that girl that got along with everyone (didn't rejoin Marching Band in that school because well ... they sucked.)

So I've gathered a few of the "clicks" from some awesome movies (as you may know, I am a movie freak). Question is, if you were able to choose and be in one these awesome groups, which one would it be?!

Let's see:

National Lampoon's Animal House


I know they aren't in high school, but since they are quite the group AND couldn't leave out, I had to add them!

Bluto, Otter, Boon, Pinto, Flounder, D-Day, Hoover and Stork ... now these guys knew how to party. I definitely wouldn't have minded going to one of their toga parties. The parties, the booze, the girls and let's not forget that unforgettable parade!





This is another group that I wouldn't mind being friends with. Considering that this movie was made in MY High School (Miami Sr. High). These guys sure did like to pull some hilarious pranks on each other.



The Breakfast Club


My freshman year of High School I literally went to detention everyday. (My brother insisted of going to eat breakfast at this sweet Cuban restaurant Rancho Luna.) I don't recall however going to a Saturday detention. I'm sure that would have sucked. Of course, having the school all to yourselves ... that's a different story; and that's what Andy, Brian, Bender, Claire and Allison got to do.



Dazed and Confused


Even though this is based on the last day of school and it being out for summer (as said by Alice Cooper - who is heading to El Paso on June!!). I wouldn't mind hanging with Pink, Mitch, Ron, Jodi, David, Mike, Tony and the rest of the crew playing pool and just hang out. And just as they had their Moonlight Tower ... we had our Groovy Land! (Man, I sure miss high school sometimes.)



Detroit Rock City


Lex, Trip, Hawk and Jam (who I can relate to) had everything set to head over to see Kiss. Unfortunately, they ran into a few obstacles but in the end ... they made it. I think it would've been super cool hanging with these guys. I went through a bunch of obstacles with my friend Guilly when we were heading to see Kiss in West Palm Beach ... I guess its a Kiss thing.



American Pie


Can't leave out the infamous group of Jim, Oz, Kevin, Finch and Stifler. These guys are hilarious and definitely know how to party. Even though we all how our own Stifler ... the real Stifler is just too funny and 'special' to not hang out with. (NSFW)



I know all these groups would be awesome to hang out with. But ...