Balloonfest 2015 is almost here and the lineup this year is so amazing, I'm not sure which band I'm most excited about seeing.

Some, like Volbeat, All That Remains, Anthrax and Fastball, I've seen before. That's a point in their favor because I know they bring it.

Of course, the curiosity factor ramps up with the bands I haven't seen before. Two of the bands in fact are new enough that, I'm not sure any Borderland rockers have seen them live.  Namely, Sons Of Texas and We Are Harlot.

Add to that The Wyldz, direct from Austin, via Paris France, and the well established Gin Blossoms and you got yourself a helluva show no matter which bands you see. I'm curious to see who El Chuco wants to see most so, take the poll.  I have a sneaky feeling I already know though because, well, I'm The Man.


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