With the weekend upon us, this kind of stuff is important to know!!

Stupid stuff doesn't happen every time you drink.  When stupid stuff does happen however, drinking is almost always involved!

A recent study found that 1/3 of all emergency room visits involved people who had been drinking.  (Not exactly a news flash there.  Couldn't we spend money studying things we DON'T know??)

Which beer, liquor or wine was responsible for the most ER visits?


Budweiser!!  The King of beers is also the king of ER visits coming in at 15% (Impressive considering their share of the beer market is only 9.1%)  They were followed by Steel Reserve malt liquor, Colt .45 malt liquor, Bud Light and then, finally, a real (cheap!) liquor. Bartons Vodka.

Keep that in mind as you make your weekend party plans folks!  (and, if you're a fan of any of these particular products, make sure your health insurance is paid up!!)