Early voting starts today in El Paso for the city runoff elections. Find out where you can cast your vote early before election day. There are two city council races where the incumbents are fighting to keep their seat. Early voting starts today in El Paso and runs through December 11th. The two city council races in the runoff are for the westside of El Paso. District 8 encompasses the land south of Mesa Street as well as downtown El Paso while District 1 includes undeveloped land in far west El Paso as well as the UTEP and Kern community.

In the District 8 election is the incumbent Cecilia "Cissy" Lizarraga who is running against Nicholas Anthony Vasquez. Vasquez is a sociology student at UTEP who says he wants to use El Paso businesses and talent to help lower taxes, create industry and see the city be more fiscally responsible with your tax dollars. Lazarraga wants to continue funding streets, continued public safety and create job growth.

In District 1's election the incumbent Peter Svarzbein is running against Veronica Frescas. Frescas, a marketing consultant, wants to review the 2012 Quality of Life Bond to see what projects can be completed and which need to be taken back to the voters. She also says she would like to finish infrastructure projects and do so within the budgets given. Svarzbein says he would like to working for his priorities which include city streets, public safety and El Paso's global competitiveness. Election day will be on Saturday, December 15th and voting will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can find places to vote on Election day here. You can check out the list of mobile voting stations for early elections here.

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