This whole COVID 19 thing has really messed things up for all of us in a number of ways. I hate to dwell on that kind of stuff but, I have a question...

2020 was looking pretty good entertainment - wise but, just about all of the shows we had scheduled have either been canceled or postponed. I'm glad some have only been postponed versus canceled but, even those suck. Some people made arrangements, booked hotel rooms, arranged flights, etc around those dates. In those cases, a postponement may still equal a cancellation for them if they can't change their reservations.

Around the Q studios, we were talking about which live event we were most bummed about, (probably), missing out on this year. (RATM seems to be the "winner" there, hands down.) So far, ZZ Top is still on. Otherwise, everything else is either off or rescheduled. Which show were you most looking forward to?

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