I'm not even sure what we were talking about on the MoSho this morning to get us on this topic, but I brought up beer snakes. Not to be confused with 'hot snakes' from Andy Dwyer. You can go to :29 of the clip below for 'hot snakes' but you'll want to watch the first outtake from Chris Pratt on Park and Rec.

Okay, back to beer snakes. It's simple, order a beer at a ballgame but don't throw away your cup. Start stacking your cups, including the cups of others around you.

Here's a video of the beer snake that apparently holds the world record for longest.

Honestly, that seems a bit like cheating, but it's really all about the fun of it, isn't it? I can't confirm officially if this beer snake is the world record holder, but according to the beer snake Wikipedia page, the longest one was anywhere from 100 to 175 meters long.