Halloween is just around the corner which is great timing for this announcement: the trailer to the second part of the "Unsolved Mysteries" reboot has finally been released. It looks like this time, we're definitely getting a ghost story! Volume 2 of "Unsolved Mysteries" hits Netflix on October 19th! Check out the trailer below.

Chilling, isn't it? Volume two will feature six new mysteries.

Although I enjoyed the first part of the rebooted series, I did feel like something was missing- narration. I definitely missed the iconic and haunting voice of host Robert Stack. My favorite part was always when he would say: "For every mystery there is someone somewhere who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps it's you." It looks like the six new episodes will be titled:

  • Tsunami Spirits (which looks like our ghost story!)
  • Stolen Kids
  • Lady in the Lake
  • Washington Insider Murder
  • A Death in Oslo
  • Death Row Fugitive

You can stream the first volume now if you haven't already- you're in for some weirdness, especially after that first episode! The disappearance of Rey Rivera was a complete stunner. After the premiere, tons of tips poured in. There was also an update on the death of Alonzo Brooks, it was credible enough that his body was exhumed by the FBI. As for that alien episode, well, that one was a little hard to follow for me.

"Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2" premieres on October 19, if you're looking for other recommendations for this month, check out my guide to "What's Worth Streaming in October". Happy hauntings!

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