Thanks in part to the Netflix series Stranger Things, I now have a new, bucket list travel goal ... the weirdest museum in Texas.

Texas truly has the weirdest museum ever and it's conveniently located pretty much in the middle of Texas.

The museum itself is weird but what's inside it is where the weird really kicks in. This Texas museum is completely devoted to "weirdness" ... it's also haunted.

If you want strange, odd, weird, or "different", you'll find it, (or learn more about it), at the Museum of the Weird in Austin.

Located at 412 East 6th Street, (a weird street in general), in Austin; it sits within a quirky curio shop called the Lucky Lizard.

I haven't been there yet but when I finally get to go, you can expect plenty of pictures. See some now here and read how Texas Hill Country summed up the museum below:

Among some of the more outspoken pieces which Busti curates at the Museum of the Weird is a Fiji mermaid, a cyclops pig, something called the hand of glory (purported to be one which is dried and pickled, said to belong to a fellow who was hanged), shrunken heads, mummies, and a two-headed chicken. You’ll even be treated to a sideshow performance in a theater where it is said that Johnny Depp, the actor, once stayed. -

You can learn more about the Museum of the Weird on their Facebook page, you can visit their website or you can call them at (512) 476-5493.

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