Lisa and I went to the movies the other day after we beat Buzz in “Battle of the Generations." As punishment, he had to give us money to see a movie, the only thing was that cheap-o Buzz only gave us $40 dollars so we had to wait until the discount day to go to a matinee! Anyway, Lisa isn’t really a movie goer so I decided to suggest a movie that I figured we would both enjoy. Lo & behold we agreed on the move “The Mountain Between Us.”

"The Mountain Between Us" stars Kate Winslet and Idris Elba as two strangers who board a charter jet after their flights are delayed. In the trailer it shows that they crash on a snowy mountain and are forced to brave the harsh conditions together in order to survive. The trailer also shows a dog! Now if you're like Lisa and I, the dog is your main concern! Thankfully, a handy new website lets you know if the dog lives or dies! Does The Dog Die lets you choose any movie and you can find out not only if the dog dies but if a child dies, if there's torture or if there's a shower scene! I will never go blindly into a movie again and be shocked if the pet dies (looking at you "I Am Legend"). Thankfully (spoiler!) the dog lives in this movie, and as for the rest of the movie, well, let's just say it's not what you think.

Enjoy the trailer (and the British hunk Idris Elba) below!