Have you voted today?  El Paso is competing in the "Walmart Fighting Hunger Together Campaign" on Facebook.   The winning city will receive $1 million dollars to fight hunger locally, and El Paso is falling behind!!!  Let's help El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, formerly West Texas Food Bank, win this money.
We need to push forward, El Paso, and beat the current city in first place, Johnson, Tennessee.   We  won the SoMe award on Facebook, I believe we can win this and feed our neighbors.
Come on, El Paso, I know we can do this.   It takes like two seconds to vote, and the good feeling you will get from voting will last a whole lot longer!  You can vote once every 24 hours, and the deadline is April 30th!
We can

 do this!!!  Log on to facebook.com/walmart and click the "Fighting Hunger Together" tab.

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