Wayne's World fans are rejoicing after their quick appearance and announcement on Saturday Night Live recently. If you saw Saturday Night Live on January 30, then you, my friend, must also be looking forward to the Super Bowl LV even if your team isn't playing. Everyone has their own reason for watching the Super Bowl when their team isn't playing. We already know the reason why the fans of the teams playing in the Super Bowl are watching. Some mostly watch for the commercials that advertise a product in the most creative way. Wayne's World snippet of a skit on Saturday Night Live hinted something exciting for fans. Due to legal reasons though they couldn't exactly use certain terms during their small appearance. According to CNN Business "Wayne's World" duo Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey have reunited for an Uber Eats commercial. I am super stoked to see Wayne and Garth's quickie of an appearance even though it's less than a minute.

I grew up watching Saturday Night Live when I was younger with my sister, uncle, and cousins. Whenever I would watch their skit on Saturday Night Live I always think of my uncle. The reason why is because my uncle's clothing and music style is exactly alike to the "Wayne's World" duo. I have been wondering for so long if the Wayne's World duo would ever strike back and so thankful they have. I can't imagine a better comedic rock n' roll duo for an Uber Eats ad. Well, it was the right move for the "Wayne's World" duo to team up with a partner that lets you party on while the snacks come to you.

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