Losing brain cells on Facebook the other day, I found this old video running down El Paso's history.

Marty Robbins wrote the famous ballad "El Paso", which the UTEP fight song is based on. (It's El Paso, sped up!) He also wrote "El Paso City" which kicks off this video featuring Robbins giving a short EP history lesson.  Golfer Lee Trevino, (yeah, the guy the road's named after), appears briefly too.

According to Texasarchive.org, the video was:

Presented by The Convention and Visitors' Bureau of El Paso, this promotional film imparts the legend of El Paso that began in the 16th century with the early Spanish explorers and continues to the present day (1976). Country Music Hall of Famer Marty Robbins walks around El Paso, guitar in hand, stopping at historically significant sites to tell their story.

Wana have some fun?  Count all the things that either no longer exist or, that you can't do anymore!

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