Nico ended up getting one (and only one) of his arm-pits waxed on the air because he was on the losing end of a challenge that HE issued. There was a True Crime story last week about a fifty-something year old guy who got so mad that his teenage son beat him in arm-wrestling that he became irate and fired a gun multiple times into the ceiling. The police were called and the dad surrendered after a NINE HOUR stand-off with the cops.

Of course, I thought this was an overreaction to say the least. If anything, a dad is supposed to be PROUD when his teenage son is able to best him in a contest of physical strength.

It was at this point Nico (not a teenager) asked me (not his dad) if I thought I could beat him in arm-wrestling. I guessed that I probably could. But Nico just wouldn’t let it go at that. He insisted…repeatedly…that we needed to settle this with an arm-wrestling contest.

I tried letting Nico off the hook, reminded him that I grew up on a farm and am therefore “country strong”. To no avail. An appropriate bet (the armpit shaving) was made and the contest was held.

“Country Strong” ended up besting “former fencing competitor” after a brief, and ultimately predictable, match.

The following day, Lisa’s friend, a licensed esthetician named Chantel came into the studio to wax exactly one (1) of Nico’s armpits. But there was a last-minute wrinkle!

Chantel, concerned about her license, told us that SHE wouldn’t be doing the actual waxing. That solemn duty fell to…me. I honestly and sincerely did my best to follow Chantel’s instruction for doing the procedure which, if done correctly should have been completely painless. But, as you can see in the video below, I accidentally pulled the wrong way and ended up drawing blood. Like I said…Country Strong.

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