If the term "Acid Western" means anything to you, you'll like this...

Part horror movie, part western and pretty much ALL weird; the very first film shot entirely in Las Cruces, The Devil's Mistress, returns to the Rio Grande Theater. That's where it was originally screened in 1965 and they're screening it again December 5th, at 7pm.

According to filmlascruces.com:

“The Devil’s Mistress” sought to transform the western into what Wanzer described as a “Modern Western, without the Cavalry and without the Indians.” The movie tells the story of four robbers on the lam, escaping toward the Organ Mountains when they happen upon the devil and his mistress, and meet their doom.

Money raised at the screening will be used to fund a documentary about the film's director, Orville “Buddy” Wanzer, who passed away earlier this year. Wanzer played a very important role in both the southern New Mexico film culture and the “Acid Western” genre.

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