Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer has a distinct and very metal look. When a fan pictures Schaffer, they see a black shirt or tank top, a denim or leather vest, a bandana and an angry metal face. In a hilarious doppleganger moment, Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen joined Iced Earth onstage dressed exactly like Schaffer as the band played their classic namesake track, ‘Iced Earth.’

As Iced Earth frontman Stu Block introduced the track ‘Iced Earth,’ Poulsen snuck up on Schaffer and took his place on the stage while the Iced Earth guitarist laughed in disbelief. Poulsen even began the opening riff of the track as Schaffer allowed his twin to take the lead, as Schaffer joined in to create a three-guitar metal attack shortly after.

The Iced Earth guitarist proclaimed his fandom of Volbeat in a September 2011 interview with Aux Portes Du Metal. “Volbeat is a really cool band,” begins Schaffer. “I wish I had discovered them earlier… But they’re really excellent. It’s really fresh and inspiring to see a band that has so many different influences and still make their own thing.

He continues, “Michael [Poulsen] and I are actually good friends now, we met at the Graspop [Metal Meeting] festival [in Belgium]. We had a blast, drank a bottle of whisky each that night. This guy has followed Iced Earth since the beginning. He told me this story how the day our first album came out, he just had enough money to go the store by bus, buy the CD and go back home. He’s a great guy, and his music is really cool… This band is getting bigger and bigger and they totally deserve it.”

Poulsen and Schaffer are also reportedly planning to work on a side project together. Although there is no name or further information on the upcoming project, we’ll be sure to bring you the news as it is revealed. In the meantime, check out Michael Poulsen doing his best Jon Schaffer impersonation below:

Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen Joins Iced Earth Onstage as Jon Schaffer

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