With the holidays creeping up on us, I think it's time to discuss how we're going to handle this whole Santa thing. Is this the year we tell children that Santa didn't make it during the pandemic? The man does look like he's got a bunch of underlying conditions; overweight, probably diabetes (because of all the cookies), maybe some heart problems? Too dark? Fine.

For those who still want to get their 2020 picture with Santa Claus will have to prepare for a whole different experience thanks to the pandemic. Some malls may not even have a mall Santa, but those places that will have a Santa, don't expect the usual picture with your little one on Santa's lap. Some places, like Bass Pro Shop, will offer a "contactless visit with Santa" where Santa will sit behind a plexiglass as Santa's helpers, the elves, sanitize the area.

Bass Pro Shop's "reimagined Santa's Wonderland" includes a contactless visit along with extra enhancements to ensure everyone's safety.

While it may look a little unconventional, I guess it still works.

For those who don't feel comfortable waiting in a line, Santa (or, Santa's) have joined Cameo and you can get a personalized message from the big man himself- for only $50!

Malls across the country are trying different approaches to the Santa experience that include virtual tours and Santa's inside a snow globe. For those wanting to continue the tradition, this is the only way to ensure that everyone is safe- especially for the Santa's who are elderly and high risk for the 'rona!

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